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My heart is so full of thankfulness. This day is always a day that people come together as families to eat and fellowship with one another. Being able to spend quality time with the ones you love. This is great and we need to do this more. But for me today, I have been meditating and reflecting on the goodness of God. He has shown Himself strong on my behalf this past year in so many mighty ways that to anyone who observed my life would not be able to deny His existence nor His love. THANKFULNESS When I take […]

soldiers duty


 What motivates a soldier’s love and causes him / her to react and respond in life. As I was reflecting on today and what it means for us as America, it caused me to stop and evaluate on such as: Am I willing to be inconvenienced and uncomfortable to help someone else see Jesus? Or do I whine and complain if things don’t go exactly the way I think they should. My level of love is shown to others by what I’m allowing Jesus to use me for. SOLDIER’S LOVE There are several scriptures that pertain to today perfectly; (2 […]