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Our  Heavenly Father gives us each gifts, abilities and talents that are to be used for His glory. Everyone has something that God has entrusted them with and there will always be someone who has what another one needs. . Being Encouraged It starts by sharing a testimony, giving a word of encouragement, or listening to someone who needs it today. Sometimes, it’s for us to be there physically for them; when they need it; that helps them be encouraged. And sometimes, all they need is them knowing that we are close and are available emotionally and spiritually. Our actions influencing […]

love of god

You are Loved

Knowing you are Loved and being told you are loved is so important. Knowing that you are loved; causes you to strive to be and do your best. It causes one to strive for excellence and with that; personal growth. I sit here in the mornings and pray for you. You do not know me yet and I have not met you yet, but one day we will meet. Through prayer ~ love will have brought us together. I use these scriptures (Eph 1:15-21), (Eph 3:14-21), (Col 1:9-14). I pray for those in leadership and over this nation; because it […]



I was sitting in church Sept 10, 2010; listening to Keith Moore teaching and preaching from the book of Acts. His message is  called, “Miracles Now”. While listening to him, I got stirred up and excited thinking about the power of God and what the New Testament church looked like when it first started; and what it will end up looking like again. I was sitting on the front row and just a few feet from where He was preaching; and these are the Words I began to hear . However, as I’m Listening to the message while writing out […]

those in authority


When facing difficult situations and physical obstacles; praying for others is a sure-fire way to come out and up. When I have had physical symptoms in my body or emotional trying situations; concentrating on praying for others and their needs redirected my thoughts and emotion outwards and over time; allowed my own healing to happen. This time I spent focusing and directing my thoughts, emotions and prayers for others took my mind off of my own problems. Listening and Praying I began listening to The Holy Spirit as He would bring things up for me to pray for concerning them. […]

a new thing

A New Thing God is doing!

A new thing God is doing! Have you ever been in a place where you were getting ready to step into something new…something that you have never done before…Something uncharted and foreign to what you have ever experienced before? Well this is what I would call – “A NEW THING”. God is doing this with His people. Jesus is doing this with His body/ the church. We are in the last of THE LAST DAYS. There are things that people are doing or getting ready to step into that they have never done before. Gifts, talents and abilities are surfacing […]