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Our  Heavenly Father gives us each gifts, abilities and talents that are to be used for His glory. Everyone has something that God has entrusted them with and there will always be someone who has what another one needs. .

Being Encouraged

It starts by sharing a testimony, giving a word of encouragement, or listening to someone who needs it today. Sometimes, it’s for us to be there physically for them; when they need it; that helps them be encouraged. And sometimes, all they need is them knowing that we are close and are available emotionally and spiritually. Our actions influencing and changing their day from bad to good, to having a glimmer of hope; to holding on for one more day. These actions that we do and words that we speak; blesses Our Heavenly Father.


Jude 1:21-22)…vs 22 And of some have compassion, making a difference:

You see, when we reflect outwards to what others are going through and take our eyes off of ourselves; the picture gets bigger and we can see that we are not the only ones going through some tough stuff. Our perspective broadens and our compassion for others enlarges. Compassion causes us to do or say things for others to encourage them and compels us to fulfill a need whether it be emotional or physical. We may not see or hear the report right away about the impact we had at that very moment; but know that what you or I did for them made a difference; and may have actually saved their lives.

I encourage you to begin sharing with others what The Lord has done for you and listening to the Lord for ways to meet their needs; letting your light so shine before all men and your love for Jesus reflecting, for all to see.

Much love and prayers Carol Helmick

You are Loved

Knowing you are Loved and being told you are loved is so important. Knowing that you are loved; causes you to strive to be and do your best. It causes one to strive for excellence and with that; personal growth.

1 John 4:7

I sit here in the mornings and pray for you. You do not know me yet and I have not met you yet, but one day we will meet. Through prayer ~ love will have brought us together.

I use these scriptures (Eph 1:15-21), (Eph 3:14-21), (Col 1:9-14). I pray for those in leadership and over this nation; because it is the land that I love. I pray for Israel; their safety and their peace. Not just for the land, but the people; because of love.


 Love heals, makes whole and restores. Things that have been broken, are fixed and repaired; because of LOVE. Because of Love; wisdom is released, into a person’s situation and circumstances. It causes victory, peace and joy at overcoming, what was thought at the time; to be a defeat. When you love someone you forgive them, even if they made you really mad; because that is what Love does. When you know that you are loved, you treat people differently and with more understanding. These are traits that Jesus showed to us and ones that He expects us to walk in. The only way for you to completely understand just how much you are loved, is by spending time with Him; because He is Love.

Love is wonderful. Loving people may seem difficult at the time, but love is not a sprinters race. Love is a marathon runners race. So, know that you are loved; as you go about your day today.


I was sitting in church Sept 10, 2010; listening to Keith Moore teaching and preaching from the book of Acts. His message is  called, “Miracles Now”. While listening to him, I got stirred up and excited thinking about the power of God and what the New Testament church looked like when it first started; and what it will end up looking like again. I was sitting on the front row and just a few feet from where He was preaching; and these are the Words I began to hear .

However, as I’m Listening to the message while writing out what The Lord was saying; it caused me to let my gaze turn towards the stage; so when I looked up; turning my eyes slightly to the right; what I saw were massive waves.


(click to enlarge)

Vision that I saw of waves

I see a beach with light brown sand; (it almost seems like I’m standing on the beach), it goes for miles…I see a wave coming towards the beach, the length of it extends down the beach, but it is also tsunami tall, and it is coming in fast… real fast…rolling in… wave… after wave… after wave, but the waves are coming in so fast that it’s like they are overtaking one another, It’s like the waves don’t end; but there was always a peak to it??? … It looked like ONE really big wave, but also many just flowing into the One? I’m trying to find the right words, to explain what I saw.  The word the Lord gave me was billowing; didn’t know this word billowing, nor its’ meaning, so had to look it up.

Our Part

This Word has been a major theme that I have heard repeating itself over and over from many different pastors, preachers and prophets in The Body of Christ. God is releasing more of His glory and anointing with each passing day.  I can see and feel this wave of “Momentum” of His power, anointing and love washing over people and enveloping them in His glory, love and grace. Many people are going to realize just who Jesus is and how much God really does love them. These waves are only getting stronger and more powerful and each of us need to be ready to do our part and be ready for this great harvest of souls that we will be helping to usher in. Being used of Our Heavenly Father to love on and help all who He brings; and loving them the way Jesus loves and doing what ever He needs for us to do. God receives all the Glory and people are being saved, delivered and set free.

It causes me to raise my hands and say “GLORY TO GOD”.  Love Carol Helmick


When facing difficult situations and physical obstacles; praying for others is a sure-fire way to come out and up. When I have had physical symptoms in my body or emotional trying situations; concentrating on praying for others and their needs redirected my thoughts and emotion outwards and over time; allowed my own healing to happen. This time I spent focusing and directing my thoughts, emotions and prayers for others took my mind off of my own problems.

Listening and Praying

I began listening to The Holy Spirit as He would bring things up for me to pray for concerning them. Allowing my thought to concentrate on their needs and their well-being. Compassion rose up within me and the more I prayed for them the more their needs became important to me. I ended up spending more time praying for them and those needs. He would even give me things to say to encourage them or ideas of how I could help them. It’s amazing how this happens, but this is how Our Heavenly Father and Creator designed us to be and function. So I encourage you today that when life comes at you and you feel attacked; pray and lift someone else up today and soon you will begin to feel peace within yourself and the very things you have prayed for others to have, will happen for you. Be blessed and encouraged today.- Love Carol Helmick

A New Thing God is doing!

A new thing God is doing! Have you ever been in a place where you were getting ready to step into something new…something that you have never done before…Something uncharted and foreign to what you have ever experienced before? Well this is what I would call – “A NEW THING”.

God is doing this with His people. Jesus is doing this with His body/ the church. We are in the last of THE LAST DAYS. There are things that people are doing or getting ready to step into that they have never done before. Gifts, talents and abilities are surfacing and increasing; with His anointing on our lives. The very reason we were created; He is revealing to us this very year and hour. He needs everyone willing to go somewhere new that they have never gone before. Told something that they have never heard before and shown something that they have never seen before.

So everyone, Get ready; for This NEW THING is happening! We will continue to only get stronger and grow increasingly to where His Glory is going to overtake this earth in a mighty and powerful way; like the world has never seen before. We are to help usher in millions that will be coming into the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. It is important for us to Pray, listen and obey. Therefore, get prepared and stay ready, because we were created for: SUCH A TIME AS THIS!