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a glorious church


So excited, because its time again for another poem / Word release; “A Glorious Church”.  This one, is actually 1 of 3 that The Holy Spirit gave me on Sunday March 17, of 2013; at 3:25 pm. My family and I had gotten back home from church and had only been home for a little while.  While still meditating on the message from the service; felt an urgency to go grab paper and pen and go sit down in my favorite chair. My heart was full of gratefulness, thankfulness and just awe; at God’s love, tender mercies and goodness. I […]

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Stepping Out of The Boat

I have heard this cry and challenge in my heart and resonating within my spirit for a few years now, but this year it has only become louder and more in my face. What does “Stepping Out of the Boat and Being out on the Waters” mean? This year is a BIG year for the whole Body of Christ. From here on out this cry in everyone’s heart is only going to get stronger and much, much louder. Those who obey and step out will do things they have never done before and become much greater than they have ever […]