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wordshave power


With all the confusion, fighting  and turmoil that has gone on not just here in America, but all over the world; felt like YOU needed to HEAR this today. This Word “RISE UP”, is a timely Word. The Lord gave me this Word April 16, 2005. WHY this Word I was going through a really challenging situation and The Lord spoke this Word to me. He said:  He was referring not just to the situation that was in front of me then; but to any and all situations that would come my way. When He gave me this Word, it […]

Gal 5 1


Given July 4, 2016 @ 8 am. FREEDOM and Our nation we call…America. What America stands for originally, was for one nation to come together to worship God; both collectively and individually, but also freely. And while reflecting on what today means for us as a nation; I became excited thinking about this. When you stop and reflect on the circumstances and situations that caused America to come to be; it caused me to thinking on what it took and how the conviction and determination of anointed men, combined with God’s divine intervention and divine will; manifested and produced this Great […]