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Are You My Brother and Sister In The Lord?

My other brothers and sisters in Christ This past year, I have been reaching out to, meeting, getting to know, forming bonds with and fellow-shipping with others; outside my own church, personal beliefs and denominational boundaries. The Lord has been revealing to me my “other” brothers and sisters in Christ; whom I’ve never met and those who are of another “denominational camp”; to show me more and to reveal more of Himself to me. What was so cool was that; I learned what they believe and the whys to their beliefs. I was able to find this out by taking […]

Through LOVES Eyes

Have you ever stopped to think, What would I do if Jesus walked up to me? Everyone has things that they are trying to get done…grocery shopping, running errands, dealing with our children, paying bills, etc. We walk past and interact with people who pass by us each day. Everyday is a new day of either meeting new people, to interacting with those who we are already familiar with; whether it’s our family, friends or new acquaintances. Some we are very familiar and close to and others we haven’t gotten to know yet. Our reactions vary from person to person […]