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Being Set Free

When the Lord gave me this Word, “Being Free”; our family was going through some really tough times. Bills were coming in and needed paying, and yes we had needs and yes we were in lack in areas, BUT…This Word was a reminder to quit looking at “those things”.  I was being set free; even though, in the natural, it didn’t look like it. The Bible is filled with scriptures about God; providing, sustaining, increasing us and and bringing us out. However, this was a Word…or what one would call a “RHEMA” Word from the Lord. When He spoke these […]

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This year is a year for GREAT INCREASE in the Body of Christ. God has plans, purposes and desires for each and EVERY ONE of His children to fulfill. Many times when we finds out what The will of God is for our life; there is much temptation to either: Stepping out and trying to make things happen It’s not something that is always intentional. The thinking is that once we find out God’s will or He allowed us to “see” bits and pieces and / or parts of His plan; the desire, drive and zeal to fulfill His will […]

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Stand FIXED ~ FIRM AND PLANTED in His WORD. Don’t back down from believing God and His promises. I know that sometimes it seems that things are taking longer than what you think that they should be, for your breakthrough or turnaround moment; however God is still working behind the scene. And, just when you think that you cant hold on any longer; THIS is the moment to dig your heels in deeper and NOT give up. Signs , wonders and miracles happen to those, for those and with those who BELIEVE. It is because, test, trials and situations will […]

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HEAVEN’S PRAISES is actually the 2nd of 3 poems that The Holy Spirit gave me on Sunday March 17, of 2013 at 3:25 pm. My family and I had gotten back home from church and hadn’t even taken my jacket off yet. While still meditating on the message from the service, felt an urgency to go grab paper and pen and go sit down in my favorite chair. My heart was full of wonder and awe at just how Great our God is and began to feel His anointing and inspiration beginning to bubble up on the inside of me; […]

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Praying for those in Authority

I am committed to praying for those in authority now, and also for those who will be placed in these positions of authority later. Things are changing and more changes are to come; not only as a nation, but individually as well. Our nation is changing from glory to glory; upholding and supporting; those who have been put into positions of power and authority with my prayers. There are major choices and decisions that will be made, new laws will be passed and others changed; that will affect every area of our lives. 1Ti 2:1-3  I exhort therefore, that, first […]

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Believing for Healing

Understanding and wisdom Many people have said, “I tried it and it didn’t work”; even while believing God for their healing. If you read and meditate on what God said to my husband on what our role is and what His role is; you can see where the difference lies and where the beginning of wisdom and understanding of Him and His word needs to be. Prophecy given to Mike Helmick (my husband). “Never go against physical conditions using physical means. Let Me take care of the physical for this is wisdom. Speaking is also action and faith always brings […]