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As I have meditated on this WORD; it has dropped deeper down into my spirit and has taken more root. You see fear is inside minded…fear focuses on SELF. How will “I” look… What will people think of Me… What if “I” fail… WHO am I…that God could use me…I’m a nobody…I’ve messed up too many times…. I’m not qualified…I haven’t gone to college…I don’t have a ministers degree… When My life is more in order and I get my act together…then God can use Me… Believe the Love But when we…Believe the Love…We are believing GOD because GOD is […]

breakthrough wall


The things that He said about 2016, are still true and still apply for this year…2017, and that is; Breakthrough is here. I woke up this morning and it was impressed upon me to share this with you AGAIN!!! The Lord wants to remind you of the great plans He has for you!!! I posted yesterday about “Holding On”. There are those of you who are close to giving up or feel like you can’t hold on much longer; or wondering if you should still Hold On. Your wondering when “IT” will end. It does. Your breakthrough is here and […]

1 John 4:18

Drawing Close

This is a prophetic Word that The Lord gave me; while teaching a bible study meeting in my home in 2005. Drawing Close The only way to believe the love that God has for us; is if we are drawing close, pressing into and meditating on what He has to say about us. A person can read and say anything about a matter; but to understand, fully comprehend and personally relate to a subject takes time and it involves a “knowing” of the subject intimately. The only way to come to this “knowing” is from time spent: “drawing close to  […]