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As I have meditated on this WORD; it has dropped deeper down into my spirit and has taken more root.

You see fear is inside minded…fear focuses on's cup

  • How will “I” look…
  • What will people think of Me
  • What if “I” fail…
  • WHO am I…that God could use me…I’m a nobody…I’ve messed up too many times….
  • I’m not qualified…I haven’t gone to college…I don’t have a ministers degree…
  • When My life is more in order and I get my act together…then God can use Me

Believe the Love

But when we…Believe the Love…We are believing GOD because GOD is LOVE!!! and it eradicates fear from our lives and our faith worketh because we are working within the confines of HIS love.

Visual that I had this morning as I’ve meditated on God’s love….
“Love is what is filling my cup….but it’s my faith mixed with HIS LOVE that is spilling out into overflow”.

The more I understand God’s love; not just for me, but for ALL; the more I’m going to use my faith, not just for myself but for others. You see it’s not just about us…Jesus loves EVERYONE!!!

I believe that once we “get it”; we will see the supernatural manifestations and the salvation of souls on an unprecedented level as such as this earth has ever seen!!! Faith receives and when we understand and are operating in His Love; He can do things through us, for us and with us that cannot be hindered nor stopped; because His Love is unhindered. There is NO fear in His Love AND there is NO FEAR while “operating in” His Love. We will have come to a place in our spiritual walk with Him that we will be willing to step out and do things that He is asking us to do, because we wont have any reason(s) “to fear”. Being so God inside minded and full of God’s love not just about ourselves, but with everyone we meet!!!

I challenge you to press into HIS Word today and meditate on His LOVE for you and allow Him to reveal His Love to you!!! Then when it comes time for you to pray for someone or talk to someone who needs help; LOVE will cause you to BELIEVE and trust HIM enough to step out in HIS LOVE and help those who come to you!!!  Much Love and Prayers Carol Helmick.


breakthrough 2016 Year for more

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The things that He said about 2016, are still true and still apply for this year…2017, and that is; Breakthrough is here.

I woke up this morning and it was impressed upon me to share this with you AGAIN!!! The Lord wants to remind you of the great plans He has for you!!!

I posted yesterday about “Holding On”. There are those of you who are close to giving up or feel like you can’t hold on much longer; or wondering if you should still Hold On.

Your wondering when “IT” will end. It does. Your breakthrough is here and “IT” will manifest…soon!!! Just because you can’t see these changes happening with your physical eyes, doesn’t mean that they are not happening, behind the scenes.

Faith combined with Patience = Perseverance…is the KEY, to bringing “It “in.

This will take a determination to dig your faith heels in. Plant them firm and make them unmovable. Don’t allow compromise in.


I saw God moving in many mighty ways within my life and in my families lives last year. What He started performing; He is just warming up. I have seen a steady progression of coming “OUT OF and COMING UP “; in every area of my life!!!

  1. The last four years, I have been attacked in my body with some serious health issues and on multiple occasions and EVERY time I have been HEALED. I’ve had to stand on His Word and walk my healing out;…BUT I WAS HEALED!!!
  2. Financial stress and money problems have been supernaturally dealt with. As My husband and I obeyed what The Lord would tell us to do; any directions or instructions that He gave: WE DID THEM.
  3. There has been changes with people, and healing of relationships. Those whom we have had disagreements or opposition from; have been removed. Those whom we have prayed for from afar, have turned around and healing has taken place not just within them but all relationships, and people’s involved.

DON’T despise small beginnings…

The reason I’m saying this is because, when He was giving me these Words, He also gave me an explanation of how it will look like….He said, First a trickle, then a stream; then with rivers a-flooding and then Tsunami-ING”.

  • Job 8:7  Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase.
  • Amo 9:13  Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that the plowman shall overtake the reaper, and the treader of grapes him that soweth seed; and the mountains shall drop sweet wine, and all the hills shall melt.

This is why you CAN’T, SHOULDN’T and DON’T want to give up. BREAKTHROUGH IS HAPPENING!!!

You are blessed, encouraged and empowered to SUCCEED today. Much Love and Prayers Carol Helmick.

Drawing Close

drawing close

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This is a prophetic Word that The Lord gave me; while teaching a bible study meeting in my home in 2005.

Drawing Close

The only way to believe the love that God has for us; is if we are drawing close, pressing into and meditating on what He has to say about us.

A person can read and say anything about a matter; but to understand, fully comprehend and personally relate to a subject takes time and it involves a “knowing” of the subject intimately. The only way to come to this “knowing” is from time spent: “drawing close to  and getting to know.

I have sought after more of this revelation. As I’ve meditated on and pressing into the scripture verses that have to do with God’s love for me; I have been seeing, sensing and a deeper knowing has risen up within me. Those issues that I had dealt with and working on to overcoming, have been replaced with God’s word being sown into my heart. With these scriptures, comes my answers to problems and questions I’ve had; and things that have seemed hard or impossible are now becoming easier to deal with and most of them, have actually been removed from my life…This only happened because God and His word became FIRST priority in my life and His answers; I accepted as my solutions.


It wasn’t necessarily that I got rid of my problems…but that God’s Word took care of my problems. Because I pressed in, relied on, and sought God’s answers…His Love. The Love that He has for me was allowed to operate and manifest in my life and into my situations. By submitting myself to His Love and His way of doing things…His Love entered in.

By believing in Him and believing in His Word…I was also….BELIEVING THE LOVE.

As you go about your day, I challenge you and encourage you to study out and meditate on His Love….A good place to start is found in 1 John…There are 5 chapters, but each chapter speaks volumes about His Love…

Much Love and Prayers…Carol Helmick