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1Tim2 1 3

Praying for those in Authority

I am committed to praying for those in authority now, and also for those who will be placed in these positions of authority later. Things are changing and more changes are to come; not only as a nation, but individually as well. Our nation is changing from glory to glory; upholding and supporting; those who have been put into positions of power and authority with my prayers. There are major choices and decisions that will be made, new laws will be passed and others changed; that will affect every area of our lives. 1Ti 2:1-3  I exhort therefore, that, first […]


FATHERS ANOINTED To be THE HEAD pt 5 This anointing also shows up and is bestowed on him when he chooses to marry. He starts with the anointing to lead a single / unmarried MAN’S life, and when he makes the decision to start searching for the “right one”; God anoints him in his search…given that he is submitting his will to the leading of the Holy Spirit in this search. Pro 18:22  Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.  Once he has “found his wife”, God continues this anointing and then increases […]


FATHERS ANOINTED To be THE HEAD pt 4 As each boy is growing up, they reach certain milestones in their lives. When a boy grows up and reaches adulthood, or as you would say, he becomes a MAN; he is given authority over his own life. He becomes responsible for his own actions and decisions in life. He is responsible for listening to God and hearing from God for his own life. He takes authority, accountability and responsibility for himself and his actions. He stepped over the threshold from being a child, to being an adult / MAN; and His […]


FATHERS ANOINTED To be THE HEAD pt 3 This responsibility is also bestowed upon, given to and expected out of each MAN; to carry out and fulfill. All MEN have someone that they are HEAD over; someone, or several “someones” that has been placed under their leadership and care. To give guidance and directions to. To teach and train. To correct and instruct and when needed; to enforce discipline. Therefore each MAN needs to have certain personality traits and ability’s to fulfill this role and to carry this role out. All of these traits, are found within The Heavenly Father […]


A FAITHFUL MAN This is a day that has been set aside to shower all fathers with honor; showing you just how valuable and esteemed you are to us and to others around you.   I pray that you are blessed, increased and come up to a higher place of anointing s, gifts, talents and ability’s; as well as in your relationship with your Heavenly Father. God has placed the ability on you, not just to be a father; but an ANOINTED FATHER; because being a father is a huge responsibility and it takes great courage and THE anointing for […]


FATHERS Honoring Our FATHER with our obedience pt 8 (OUR COVERING) I have seen and been personally involved with families whose Fathers / Men have taken a “passive / non-involved / hands-off” approach to parenting. For whatever reason, they left the parenting, discipline and child rearing up to their wives, other family members and/ or those who are helping with the raising of THEIR children. There were some Father’s / Men who felt overwhelmed and who have just simply shut down or even walk out on their families. The wife is left to fend and care for everything and the […]


FATHERS Honoring Our FATHER with our obedience pt 7 (OUR COVERING) This is a huge responsibility; which is why many Men / Fathers struggle with the responsibilities of and run AWAY from their leadership role and accountability of being in charge. However, God still holds them accountable to Him and we are still expected to respect and honor them; even when they miss it or are not walking in their headship. This is why we need to lift them up in prayer and let our faith and love for them, to be a covering for them. Without our prayers they […]


FATHERS Honoring Our FATHER with our obedience pt 6 (OUR COVERING) God holds Father’s / Men responsible for hearing from their Father (Him) for themselves, their wife (if they are married), their children and all whom they are responsible for. So, as Fathers / Men are learning how God is their head, how to submit to and obey God’s headship / leadership and what His role is in their lives; so we too are being taught and being trained; to allow them to be our head and have leadership over our lives. While they are learning their value and importance […]


FATHERS Honoring Our FATHER with our obedience pt 5 All this month we have been looking at and examining the value, honor and importance of our father’s role in our lives, this role includes and starts with Our Heavenly Father; but understanding how this revelation relates to and also pertains to our earthly fathers as well; will help us to better comprehend their importance and to hold them in high esteem and to also stir them up to be all that God needs and called for them to be. So, as we continue examining and studying these things out, keep […]


FATHERS Honoring Our FATHER with our obedience pt 4 After we have received correction, instructions and / or redirection, and if we don’t heed; this turns into… Disobedience: After Our Father has explained some things to us and we have come to a greater understanding of these things…If at first we don’t fully fix it right away but intended to, or even if we acknowledged His correction, but got sidetracked and we move on to other things and don’t work on changing it or even correcting it when the situation presents itself to us again; then this correction gets lost […]


FATHERS Honoring Our FATHER with our obedience pt 3 I had The Holy Spirit give me this Word this morning…He said,“The thoughts that you are having is because you have allowed rebellion in…and to settle in your heart“. He said this to explain what happens to people when He has been dealing with someone about a situation(s) or with a specific area in our lives that needs changed. He went on to explain that we are supposed to acknowledge His correction and then make adjustments to fix it; immediately. We are not to give the enemy place. Pro_3:12  For whom […]


FATHERS Honoring Our FATHER with our obedience pt 2 As a Father, He has the heart of a Father and it is in His heart to only want the best for His children. Being a Father, one of the greatest joys is to see His children succeed and be successful. He is the One responsible for creating us. Not only did our spirit come from Him, but He gave each of us our own personality, gifting s, talents, traits and abilities. He placed all these things within us and He is there ready to help us all along the way. […]


FATHERS Honoring Our FATHER with our obedience pt 1 Our Heavenly Father loves us all so much and when He starts a conversation with us and brings up something that needs to be changed in our lives; we should feel blessed and loved. He isn’t the condemner and He isn’t condemning us; AND we shouldn’t feel condemned at all…In fact He is loving on us and we should realize that freedom and revelation has come to us. One of the responsibilities and jobs of The Holy Spirit; is to teach us how to walk and talk like Jesus… and to […]


FATHERS ANOINTED To be THE HEAD pt 2 Here are just a few examples of God’s remarks and conversations He has had with several MEN in the bible who had a personal relationship with Him; You can tell that God had a close relationship with them and God specifically addresses each MAN as a MAN and the Head of his household. Did you know that God expects Men to have a relationship with Him and when He talks, He expects an answer. He does not want to hear excuses, but accepting ownership, accountability and taking full responsibility for their lives… […]


FATHERS ANOINTED To be THE HEAD pt 1 When I think of the characteristics and nature of Our Heavenly Father; I think of: power and authority, and the power and authority to make decisions and to also be able to “back it up”. In order to operate within this kind of mindset; you would have to consider yourself; not just The Head, but The Head of all things / or as some would say ” The Head Man in charge”. When God / Jesus speak it happens. They are trustworthy. What They say They mean and They mean what They […]