Each poems and prophecy and Holy Spirit inspired quotes have their own: background, setting and story of how they came to be and The Lord has taught me that with whatever I hear to: WRITE IT DOWN. Therefore, each one I take and receive as myWHOSOEVER” Word and it’s my prayer that as you read through you will take them as yourWHOSOEVER” Word.

My YouTube Channel

(click here) Besides the channel containing my teaching videos; which this process, I’ve just starting; it’s also fun to sit down and verbally: share, explain and elaborate on each one, with you. Kinda like when watching a trailer and/or a “behind the scenes”; giving an explanation, description and/or insight of what the movie is about. 

Momentum (click to enlarge)


In the videos, you’ll see this one hanging up on the wall behind me in our living room; but with a different background though. I had it printed on canvas (size W 46 in / L 34 in); (still looking for the perfect frame).

Poems and Prophecy

You like one and want a copy!!!

A Faithful Man
A Faithful Man (click to enlarge)

YES, you can print a copy….You have my permission to download, share or print it. I have all of them framed and hanging up in my own house.

A Faithful Man…is my Husband’s favorite and he wanted it framed and hanging up; in of all places…OUR BATHROOM !!! 

So go ahead and do the same, if you want to!!!

YES…Please share EVERYWHERE (all social media sites, word of mouth to friends and /or family. Know a Pastor or Minister of the Gospel. Go ahead print it off and present it to him / her as a gift.

I do however have guidelines that have been laid out on the (Copyrights Page) of this website.

It will BLESS me and it’s my dream for them to be shared: on every continent, in every nation and across the whole entire earth. So help me by sharing them!!!


Which one encouraged you the most, or which one did you share with someone, or which one was it that you decided to print off or download? Leave a comment or share with us why you picked that particular one. Besides getting the “word” out and being an encouragement to others; these will be place throughout this site.

Much Love and Prayers Carol Helmick.


What part inspired or encouraged you? Comment below

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