Testimonies and Praise Reports

testimonies and praise reports
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It’s My heart’s desire that everyone who comes on here and reads these testimonies and praise reports; will find that this is a place to draw strength, encouragement and support from one another.

Many times we are so caught up in our own lives and we find ourselves struggling to work it out by ourselves that we forget that this is not Gods way of doing things and never in His plan (Gal 6:2) ~ (Phil 2:1-4). We all need each other. We are all part of just one body and that is HIS BODY (Rom 12:5).

There was a time when I was going through a really challenging situation and The Lord spoke this Word to me. This is what He said…

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He was referring not just to the situation that was in front of me then; but to any and all situations that would come my way. When we take up our authority and use His Words and His power to overcome; we get the results that His Word says we are to have; thereby, making it possible to share our testimony with others. (Psa 107:2).

And because…we each have had our own trials, tribulations, and struggles that we have gone through and endured; encouraging one another is so vitally important and necessary in these last days (Col 2:1-3). Jesus is coming soon. What you have gone through and overcame might be the very thing that another is going through at the time and may need to hear yours and mines particular testimony (2 Cor 1:3-6). Everyone’s testimonies and praise reports are needed and important. No one’s are too small nor insignificant. They are the results of our faith and God’s goodness, grace and mercy at work.

With much love, grace and peace through our LORD and SAVIOR ~ JESUS CHRIST. Carol Helmick.


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