We are on day 2 (Fathers June 2) and continuing the study on the meaning of father. In the Thayer dictionary the first definition describes a father as: 1). generator or male ancestor and 2a) says; that a father is: “the originator and transmitter of anything”. Remember what I wrote yesterday (day 1)…about the beginning and the origin of the term “father” started with OUR  Heavenly FATHER.

To me this means that; things begin with them and start with them. Interesting. God is showing us a pattern!!!

The word “father” in the Strong’s concordance in the Greek; is the number #3962; and the word is “patēr”. It is actually found 418 times  in the New Testament, from the mixture of terms between; father, fathers, father’s, fathers’ and parents. A couple of the definitions describe a father as a: nourish-er, protector, and upholder.

Fascinating stuff, once you start to study words and their meanings.

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When we take the time to study and look at what the word father means and what “a father means we will begin to see; not only the role that he plays, but the importance of his role and why we need them. This includes their role; in and to each person that they come in contact with and within their realm of influence.

Our Creator, who is Our Heavenly Father; designed, created and ordered things to be carried out decently and in order, and all examples given in the Bible are patterns given by God to show us how He operates and the way things are ordered and carried out in heaven.

1Co_14:40  Let all things be done decently and in order.

Therefore, I pray that as Our Heavenly Father begins to reveal Himself to us, and we begin to see Him as Our Heavenly Father; that we begin to understand why He does things the way He does. That we will begin to recognize the value and importance of each father; and why it is vital to show value, honor and respect to all the FATHERS, MEN and HUSBANDS that the Lord has placed in and over our lives.

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