These poems and prophecy and Holy Spirit inspired quotes each have their own: background, setting and story of how they came to be.poems and prophecy

Each one was birthed; from seeking the Lord with questions, circumstances and situations in my own personal life that I’ve needed wisdom, direction and answers to. Other times, they came from just spending time stirring myself up and immersed in studying His Word and meditating on my relationship with Him. There were other times that The Lord was the ONE, who decided to bring up a subject; so that He could explain, reveal, expound on or just sharing something with me. Over the years, many people have also come to me for prayer and help; which has caused me to pray, study, seek and search these answers out.

Write it down

Throughout this process, The Lord has taught me that with whatever I hear; that it is important to: WRITE IT DOWN.

As of now, there are about 27 + more that I’m working on and in the process of finishing and will include them; when they are complete. I’m excited because, there will always be more and I will always continue to share them.

A Faithful Man

A Faithful Man (click to enlarge)

There is usually a trailer and/or a “behind the scenes” area, as with the making of any good movie; giving an explanation, description and/or insight of what the movie is about. So over time, you’ll also see me expounding on these.

I have a YouTube channel (click here) and will soon be posting videos to explain and elaborate on each one.

The one hanging up on the wall behind me in our living room is: “MOMENTUM“; it’s printed on canvas (size W 46 in / L 34 in). I am still looking for the perfect frame for this one.


Every one I take and receive as my “WHOSOEVER” Word; it’s my prayer also, that as you read through them they will become your “WHOSOEVER” Word.

A Faithful Man“. My husband really likes this one and it is his personal favorite. It is this one that he asked to have framed and hangs in; of all places…our bathroom!!!

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