My name is Carol Helmick

And Welcome to my site. Our Heavenly Father’s hearts desire, is to have people press into a deeper and personal revelation, relationship and intimacy with Him and His welcomeson; Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is ever drawing us closer to Him. He also wants us to further; know, understand and fully comprehend all that is in His heart and mind; by fully comprehending and receiving the Love that He has for each of us. You will learn this from His Word.

We love teaching, preaching, reaching out, ministering to, and sharing Jesus with all. Our heart’s desire is to see you saved, whole, healed, delivered and set free in your spirit, soul and body; teaching also how to walk out the rest of your life continually in victory.2carol pic2favorite

This is therefore, our place for sharing our lives with you and revealing what our lives looked and now look like; from taking and believing God at His Word, to receiving instruction and even correction, and then actively and literally applying His Word to OUR lives daily.

The Prophetic: poems / prophecy

Through the years, The Lord began imparting these to me in poetic form. I look forward to with anticipation and excitement each one that He gives. However, they all came from different situations, times and seasons in my life. For starters, some came from times of learning, growing and maturing in knowledge and understanding of spiritual matters, others birthed, while going through and experiencing uncomfortable and hard situations and again, others from times of great joy and revelation. Therefore, It’s an honor to share these with you and the impact they’ve had in my life.

And because of all of this, I say, “WELCOME”. Most importantly though, I want YOU blessed, encouraged and stirred up today. Allow Him to speak to you; and recognizing and receiving HIS LOVE that HE has for you. Much Love and Prayers Carol Helmick.