Dream and Vision


We are writing out the dream and vision along with the projects that God has placed within us because; it helps us to keep ourselves focused and allows room for us to watch as God brings it to pass before our very eyes. We are starting with projects and so listed below are the first ones we are beginning with. For those who: want to partner with us, sow into us, contribute or hook faith with and / or pray for us, or just want to know more about us; This is that place for these very reasons.

Momentum (click to enlarge)


1. Books: ~ writing and publishing.

My husband and I both have a separate book topic and subject which we are working on. These will be our first and therefore; a NEW thing for us!!!. 

2. YouTube: ~ Teaching and training videos.

We are starting to place these videos in YouTube and when you watch the videos, you will also see the “MOMENTUM” prophecy, hanging up on my wall behind me. Here is my link for ( Carol Helmick ~ YouTube channel).

Dream and Vision

This dream and vision has grown in my heart since 2003. However, my husband and I didn’t fully comprehend the BIGNESS of it until; The Lord confirmed and solidified it by giving me this PROPHECY about the WORD PRODUCTION CENTER, on July 6, 2014.

The dream and vision includes land; So keep your faith hooked with us because…This is how Big this CENTER needs to be and what the dream and vision involves!!!


  • Complete media center  facilities : ~ sound and recording studio; television production and audio recording equipment; because we will own our own broadcasting network, radio and TV stations.  As well as, using every tool available for outreach including sending out cds, dvds, mp3s, etc.
  • Printing, binding and copying on demand: ~ equipment, materials, resources and help (editors and graphics designers, etc.) for: printing, binding, copying and publishing; because we will be working with graphics for books, magazine, papers, canvas printing, photos, graphics and designing, etc.

Teaching and Training

  • 3600x3600 wordprodcenter
    Word Production Center (click to enlarge)

    School buildings / campuses: ~  with offices, classrooms, furniture and supplies…including desks, chairs, electronics, computers, recording and listening devices, TVs, cameras for teaching and training, staff of teachers and ministers; ready to answer questions or for personal needs, plus anything that is needed and added later.

  • our own private transportation center : ~ for transporting people throughout the campuses quickly.
  • a fully functioning Library: ~ containing sections and collections of all the great father’s, hero’s and ministers of the faith. Library would consist of any and all media types (ex. Cd’s, dvd’s, audio, tapes, books, autobiography’s, newspaper articles, magazines, pamphlets, mini books, bibles, concordances, etc.). Areas would also include: visual and audio listening booths with desks / headphones and equipment need for studying and taking notes; lounge and quiet areas for reading, relaxing and resting between classes or study times, etc.
  • Convention center : ~ The biggest we can build; with the capacity and acreage to increase and add on to.
  • Tents for holding massive crusades / revival meetings outside: ~ Land and Room for tents, lighting, sound and most importantly for the people who will come. Meetings can and will be held outside in the open air and tents being used, as needed.

Healing and Prayer 

  • Church / Worship Center  including parking.
  • Chapel area: ~ for weddings, prayer and healing rooms, etc.

Family, Food, Fellowship and Fun

  • separate area for: ~ Farm / crops / garden / equipment and  supplies ~ growing, producing, harvesting and providing food for our crusades / revival meetings as well as our fellowship hall / cafeteria.
  • fully functioning Fellowship Hall / Cafeteria: ~ with cooks, chefs and Hospitality staff ~ We are all going to need to eat!!!
  • Being ran and behaving like the Church of Acts: a Sowing and Reaping Distribution Center: ~ place for people to sow items out of their times of abundance and then receiving when the need arises.
  • full size Gym: ~ basketball, volleyball, gymnasium, pool, etc.
  • Park and picnic areas with playground and equipment.
  • acreage for: ~ Airport including airplane(s) and hangers.
  • For guest speakers and ministers, who choose to stay on campus during their visit: ~ fully furnished on site Housing.

First of all, we are not rushing this. We are believing for the right people, at the right place, in the right time, doing it the right way and always for the right reason. We understand and realize that the dream and vision project will take time; being that there are many details and behind the scene things that need to happen. Therefore, we are committed to continuing to walk this out by faith and most importantly; continuing to stay in faith being patient; because as things are happening, they will be done decently and in order.

Thank you for your faith and prayers. and support…Much Love and prayers Carol Helmick

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