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HEAVEN’S PRAISES is actually the 2nd of 3 poems that The Holy Spirit gave me on Sunday March 17, of 2013 at 3:25 pm. My family and I had gotten back home from church and hadn’t even taken my jacket off yet. While still meditating on the message from the service, felt an urgency to go grab paper and pen and go sit down in my favorite chair. My heart was full of wonder and awe at just how Great our God is and began to feel His anointing and inspiration beginning to bubble up on the inside of me; felt like a belly laugh starting to overtake me and so began to worship Him and praise Him. What was so cool about this experience was that what I thought to be just one big poem / Word; began to break into three different ones….The more I would write out and meditate on the words that I was hearing the more I realized that I had three different ones coming out at the same time. Not only did I get Words; He was also giving me pictures and visual glimpses of the themes, behind the Words. Very exciting time I […]

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Through LOVES Eyes

Have you ever stopped to think, What would I do if Jesus walked up to me? Everyone has things that they are trying to get done…grocery shopping, running errands, dealing with our children, paying bills, etc. We walk past and interact with people who pass by us each day. Everyday is a new day of either meeting new people, to interacting with those who we are already familiar with; whether it’s our family, friends or new acquaintances. Some we are very familiar and close to and others we haven’t gotten to know yet. Our reactions vary from person to person and relationship to relationship. For those to whom we are closest to, our reactions are close and intimate. We tend to talk longer with those we are closest to and know more about; compared to those to whom we have just met or don’t associate with very much. Think about what you would do if as you were running your errands and dealing with life’s responsibilities…and Jesus was to walk up to you and stopped to talk to you. Your relationship with Him determines your response!!! He wants more than anything to have an intimate personal working relationship with you, […]


We all are vessels. Received¬† this poem on February 20th, 2014. I challenge you today, to evaluate what type of vessel you have been. Check your heart. Allow The Lord to correct and change those things that are hindering you from being the vessel of honor that He needs and wants you to be for Him; because, each day you choose and make choices which determines, what type of vessel you will be. You can either walk after the flesh or you can allow the Holy Spirit to; lead, guide and direct your steps and choices; and therefore, using you as His vessel of honor. When you are reading His Word, listening to The Holy Spirit and walking out the steps that He is directing you to; He is shaping you and molding you into the VESSEL of HONOR that He already has designed, destined and picked out for you to look like. Jesus was a Vessel of Honor Have you made Jesus Christ Lord and Savior of your life today? Are you willing to recognize that He loves you and He is the one Who gave His life for you. He allowed HIMSELF to be used as a VESSEL […]

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Because Jesus is our example of how our lives are to look…I started to think on this example that Jesus set for me to follow and how I live my life. This is a simple poem, but the words carry so much meaning. Act_10:34¬† Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons: People would flock to Him and multitudes would surround Him. They all gathered around and watched His reactions; to see how He responded and what He would say. No matter who the person asking, the situation or circumstance presented: He was no respecter of persons and He always spoke the truth. Eyes to see and ears to hear When Jesus talked to people, He not only saw them through His physical eyes; He looked at them through spiritual eyes as well. By this I mean, He listened to what they had to say and how they were behaving and all the while; was listening to His Heavenly Father for the words to say to them and with what actions He was supposed to take concerning the situation. He was looking at them on the outside, but His […]


Received this one on October 4, 2012; as I was meditating and praying about the path we were on and the next steps as a family we were to take. The question was, how one person gets from one point in their lives to another? Proverbs 4:26 (AMP) Consider well the path of your feet, and let all your ways be established and ordered aright. There is a process which we all have to go through and it really does depend on what decisions we decide to make and the choices we take. We don’t just find ourselves on a certain path. The path that we are now walking on /in, was based on all the decisions that were made before and leading up to this very specific point in our life. With every situation in life, choices are always presented. Sometimes it is only two to choose from and at other times there may be even more choices. All choices have a different outcome based on the options chosen.¬† This applies to every area of our lives. Do we go left…right….stay…go…? This is why it is so important to be Spirit led. Listening to The Holy Spirit, and checking […]