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Word Explosion

This word that The Lord gave me called, “WORD EXPLOSION”, explains why His WORD is so important to us and in our daily lives. It isn’t just a good idea to read and meditate on His Word. There is power, authority and the ability to be supernaturally sustained and protected in each of our lives. God values His Word and so should we. We as believers are to hold fast and firm to what His word says, no matter what the outside world is saying…our circumstances or even our situation…etc. We all have to decide whether we are either, going […]

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Are You Listening

I was troubled in my spirit because, over the years, I had been hearing of many who were leaving their church. My question to the church then became: Are You Listening (part 1).  More specifically… I had heard of many people who were dealing with very serious issues in their personal lives and when they had reached out for help they were; (amongst many things said)…quoted some scripture verses, and/ or told to go listen to a specific message; but the people that they tried to reach out to didn’t seem as if they really cared or seemed inconvenienced. It […]

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As I have meditated on this WORD; it has dropped deeper down into my spirit and has taken more root. You see fear is inside minded…fear focuses on SELF. How will “I” look… What will people think of Me… What if “I” fail… WHO am I…that God could use me…I’m a nobody…I’ve messed up too many times…. I’m not qualified…I haven’t gone to college…I don’t have a ministers degree… When My life is more in order and I get my act together…then God can use Me… Believe the Love But when we…Believe the Love…We are believing GOD because GOD is […]

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The things that He said about 2016, are still true and still apply for this year…2017, and that is; Breakthrough is here. I woke up this morning and it was impressed upon me to share this with you AGAIN!!! The Lord wants to remind you of the great plans He has for you!!! I posted yesterday about “Holding On”. There are those of you who are close to giving up or feel like you can’t hold on much longer; or wondering if you should still Hold On. Your wondering when “IT” will end. It does. Your breakthrough is here and […]

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Drawing Close

This is a prophetic Word that The Lord gave me; while teaching a bible study meeting in my home in 2005. Drawing Close The only way to believe the love that God has for us; is if we are drawing close, pressing into and meditating on what He has to say about us. A person can read and say anything about a matter; but to understand, fully comprehend and personally relate to a subject takes time and it involves a “knowing” of the subject intimately. The only way to come to this “knowing” is from time spent: “drawing close to  […]

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Every day is a good day for showing FEARLESS LOVE. I challenge you to be bold and fearless in your love for people. This is not the time nor the place to allow fear in, nor the fear of failure; to keep you from showing those whom you come into contact with ~ Jesus. Walking in His love towards them means that its going to take courage and being unmoved in what others might think or say about you while doing this. There will always be others around you that will oppose hearing about THE GOSPEL. Every one has been […]

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The Lord began giving me the beginning of this Word, “Grace” on April 6, 2013 and then received the last three lines of this Word later on during a church service…there is more to this, but felt led to share this part with you today. To those who are feeling like you have missed your opportunity and maybe have thought that God couldn’t or wouldn’t use you; because you have messed things up or been slow to obey or haven’t known where to start…This Word is for you!! 2Co 9:8 KJV And God is able to make all grace abound […]

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Being Set Free

When the Lord gave me this Word, “Being Free”; our family was going through some really tough times. Bills were coming in and needed paying, and yes we had needs and yes we were in lack in areas, BUT…This Word was a reminder to quit looking at “those things”.  I was being set free; even though, in the natural, it didn’t look like it. The Bible is filled with scriptures about God; providing, sustaining, increasing us and and bringing us out. However, this was a Word…or what one would call a “RHEMA” Word from the Lord. When He spoke these […]

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Stand FIXED ~ FIRM AND PLANTED in His WORD. Don’t back down from believing God and His promises. I know that sometimes it seems that things are taking longer than what you think that they should be, for your breakthrough or turnaround moment; however God is still working behind the scene. And, just when you think that you cant hold on any longer; THIS is the moment to dig your heels in deeper and NOT give up. Signs , wonders and miracles happen to those, for those and with those who BELIEVE. It is because, test, trials and situations will […]

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Believing for Healing

Understanding and wisdom Many people have said, “I tried it and it didn’t work”; even while believing God for their healing. If you read and meditate on what God said to my husband on what our role is and what His role is; you can see where the difference lies and where the beginning of wisdom and understanding of Him and His word needs to be. Prophecy given to Mike Helmick (my husband). “Never go against physical conditions using physical means. Let Me take care of the physical for this is wisdom. Speaking is also action and faith always brings […]

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 Here is another Word…Fearless Love Well this particular morning, it was very quiet and I could feel The Lord’s tangible presence and peace in the house. Everyone else was still sleeping which was surprising and pleasant all at the same time; so decided to spend a few minutes at my computer, conversing with someone whom I’ve known for years. We had only been messaging back and forth for a few minutes, when in the middle of our conversation I cut her off and told her, “I HAVE TO GO”. I was sensing The Holy Spirit / The anointing stirring; not […]

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Given July 4, 2016 @ 8 am. FREEDOM and Our nation we call…America. What America stands for originally, was for one nation to come together to worship God; both collectively and individually, but also freely. And while reflecting on what today means for us as a nation; I became excited thinking about this. When you stop and reflect on the circumstances and situations that caused America to come to be; it caused me to thinking on what it took and how the conviction and determination of anointed men, combined with God’s divine intervention and divine will; manifested and produced this Great […]

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This Word, “My Power” was received about 3 months after I had gotten the poem / WORD “MOMENTUM”. Felt led to share this with you today and believing that those who will read this; that it will stir you up and encourage you to go after the GREATER. It was late at night and I sitting in my bed reading a book. I had been going over and chewing on the Words in “Momentum” and just meditating on the impact and implications of those words; and The Holy Spirit spoke these words to me. These aren’t just for me. Any […]



I was going through a really challenging situation and The Lord spoke this Word to me. He said:  He was referring not just to the situation that was in front of me then; but to any and all situations that would come my way.  He had to remind me that I had let His promises slip and was not actively keeping His Word at the forefront of my situation. I had unhooked; which just means that I wasn’t using my armour. (Eph 6:10-18). I had been allowing my emotions and thoughts to override what His Word said. What I was […]

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  Was strongly impressed this morning to share this ~ “A FAITHFUL MAN” poem / Word with you today.  This poem/ Word came as I was sitting in the 2013 Week of Increase meeting at church. The Lord began stirring these words within me; while the Pastor was teaching. I encourage you to stir yourself up and dig deeper into your relationship with The Lord. There is a mighty “move of God” that is taking place and Our Heavenly Father needs everyone in their place. We are each called to fulfill a certain role; each role being important. Being ready […]