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 Here is another Word…Fearless Love

Well this particular morning, it was very quiet and I could feel The Lord’s tangible presence and peace in the house. Everyone else was still sleeping which was surprising and pleasant all at the same time; so decided to spend a few minutes at my computer, conversing with someone whom I’ve known for years. We had only been messaging back and forth for a few minutes, when in the middle of our conversation I cut her off and told her, “I HAVE TO GO”.

fearless love
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I was sensing The Holy Spirit / The anointing stirring; not just within me, but was also sensing these things and Him in the atmosphere. Realizing that The Lord was about ready to tell me something… I quickly jumped up and ran over to my kitchen table after grabbing my notebook, pen and my coffee and sat down ~ poised and ready to write.

I was only sitting there for maybe a minute, when an angel appeared. He was standing to my right. I knew he was there to deliver a message. I had no unction to begin a conversation with him, nor felt like I needed to talk to him and he did not try to speak to me either; was just supposed to listen to and be ready to write what I hear.

When began to hear the words, they were not just audible on the outside; I actually heard them with my own ears; but they also were welling up and coming forth from the inside of me – coming from my spirit, all at the same time…what I was hearing on the outside of me, with my own ears; I was also hearing from my spirit on the inside. So what, I’m hearing with my ears….I’m writing down what I am hearing, but I already knew what he was saying because I’m hearing them with my spirit on the inside of me being spoken at the same time He is speaking them. Totally cool experience.

Bold and Fearless

However…That’s not even the best part….it wasn’t the angels voice I heard….It was JESUS’ !!! The angel never opened his mouth.

What I heard and felt was GREAT love, compassion and gentleness in His voice; but also a boldness and fierceness in His voice as well. It wasn’t two different voices that I was hearing. There was only ONE voice….His voice, but there were two VERY DISTINCT, different and separate layers to His message and in His voice.

The best way to describe His voice is twofold….If I was to give you a visual scenario to help, it would be: we know Him as our fierce and mighty LION and we know Him also as our LAMB.

In the Bible it talks about Him being The Lion of the tribe of Judah. He is: Fierce, Bold, Having no Fear, He is King of kings and Lord of lords. These images and words are very powerful and create strong and vivid visuals.

However, The Bible also talks about Him being Our Shepherd, Our Savior and Our Lamb. He is gentle, compassionate, loving, long-suffering, forbearing and having/ showing great mercy. Being both of these and all of these; He is EVERYTHING.

Commanding General

First... He was talking to me, like a Commanding officer and General would his troops. His voice was loud, booming and stern but also excited…kinda like when you hear a fire and brimstone preacher preaching.

Through the years, He has been speaking to me about the same things, (gifts, calling, directions, instructions); so, I had already been given a mandate, orders and mission and He was reminding me of it.

He was challenging me to LOVE on people in a BOLD and FEARLESS way. He was challenging me to become bold and fearless with people, not in a mean, rude or unmannerly way, but to not be in fear of what man would say or do to me. To not back down, nor being in fear when things get uncomfortable. Preaching, teaching, stepping out and allowing the gifts to flo

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w and operate through me and as His Spirit wills. There are many people who disagree and do not know Him nor love Him and therefore there would be much opposition from the enemy. This is why the fierceness and boldness and fearlessness is a must if I was to be walking in His kind of LOVE.


Fearless Love

 Secondly…He repeated that He is coming soon and He was reminding me to look at everyone with love and compassion; to look at them and see them the way He sees and thinks about them. I heard and felt Great compassion, earnestness and His deep desire to reach all. He has a Great longing in His heart to save all men; and I profoundly heard this in His voice. This world is full of people who are lost, sick, broken and hurting (not just spiritually, but physically, mentally and emotionally, as well); and being ready and prepared to help everyone who needs it. Being myself spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally; actively alert, ready and prepared to help them…Prayed up and listening to His instructions on how I am to help them. Truly loving on them and being there for them when they come to me seeking my help. He has given me His Word and He has fully equipped and empowered me to help them.

Jesus needs for us… His Church / His Body to rise up and be FEARLESS and BOLD….Everyone needs Jesus and it will take us all doing our part to reach ALL for Him.

Being bold, eradicating fear from our lives and being fearless in our love for all, is what He needs and wants from us.

The anointed One and His anointing

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When He said, “There is a job, that needs to be done, with everyone and to everyone it is through My anointed one”; He was referring to EVERYONE in the Body of Christ. The word “Christ” simply means: The anointed one and His anointing. Simply meaning; He is THE ANOINTED ONE of God and He is authorizing us and anointing us to use all of His power and anointing to get the job done; this also means we are His anointed ones. We have ALL been anointed to carry out this job and we ALL are able to use His anointing to get the job done.

So, Quit being afraid and in fear of what man can do to you. There are people who need for us to show them who Jesus is in a very powerful and real way. Everyone has made mistakes and messed up, some in BIG ways. So what!!! Look past these mistakes and just LOVE on them. That doesn’t mean accept nor condone their sins; that just means don’t judge them for their mistakes. Listen to Him and what He has to say about them and what He want to say to them and do for them… through you!!!  This is when they will be getting their REAL answers, REAL help, and everyone will see REAL changes in people’s lives.

Before long, you will see them working besides you loving on and helping others; just like you did for them AND just like Jesus did for you!!!

Much Love and prayers Carol Helmick.

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