Memorial Day

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Memorial day is a day to remember those who chose to lay down their lives, so that we can live our lives in freedom. memorial day

We celebrate and remember each and every one on this day. Each and everyone who served, knew that their very life was on the line and they still chose to lay it down for us. Their families remember, cherish and honor their sacrifice. We who are alive because of their sacrifice; show their value and honor their lives today; by taking the time to say thank you.

Today, on Memorial Day

I for one, don’t take lightly what others did for me. Sacrificing their all. Their sacrifice showed their love not just for me but for their country and fellow man. I say thank you to those who fought and died for me and my family.

You were even willing to fight and defend the freedoms for other countries and peoples that you had never met. That is love and what love does. Your Love wasn’t and isn’t cheap; nor was it free.

I say Thank you to all the families who encouraged, supported and stood by your loved ones; while they fought for and defended all my freedoms and the freedoms of this great country.

My dad served and he came home..I thank God that I have him. My love and prayers are with you today as I remember your loved one’s sacrifice for my freedoms. I will never forget. Much love and prayers Carol Helmick

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