Mother’s Day

Prov 31:30

Mother’s Day is a day that we set aside and honor all the great qualities that make up a Mom. Therefore, We all think that our moms are the Best and that is true. Each Mom is the BEST for US. What they have…we need and what they give…we want.

Moms are the Best

A Mother may have one title; but many roles, because she is able to wear many hats. If you can think it or name it, she has probably worn it and worn it well.

Moms sacrifice daily for their families and to those whom God would have cross their path. Moms allow the love of Our Heavenly Father to direct each of their steps, cultivating their speech and expressing His love for all to see. Spending time with Him so that each has the ability to push through circumstances; when feeling like giving up. Putting others first above their own needs; even when having immediate needs themselves. Moms are willing to love on anyone and everyone; because this is the heart of a mother. Mothers balance, juggle, nurture and support. You are a gift to be cherished and valued.

Thank you MOM. Happy Mother’s Day to all moms today.

Love Carol Helmick

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