Pursuing Jesus (part 1)

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I have been seeking after and pursuing Jesus passionately and purposefully; and so, when I  heard The Lord say this to me, the revelation and understanding for it came at me like an instant download of information being deposited all at once into my spirit; this all happened while I was getting my coffee Monday morning April 17, 2017 at around 6:10 am.

pursuing Jesus
Pursuing Jesus. (click to enlarge)

Whenever He says something you just know; that there are multiple layers to what He says and more depths of revelation / knowledge / and understanding to be revealed and discovered; because His Word is ALIVE, full of LIFE and there is ALWAYS MORE to learn. So as He was explaining what He meant there were several “connect the dot” and “AHA” moments and different points that He went on to explain and expound on…

There were a few specific points that He addressed and expounded on and it will take me a few posts to try to explain and convey what it was that He revealed to me; and lets just say that pursuing my relationship and friendship with Him is on a whole NEW LEVEL now!!!

Pursuing Jesus

The way that He spoke was not just an invitation to draw closer, but a challenge to seek after Him and His love because He wanted to not only show me things…reveal wonderful things and revelation to me, but to also reveal more of HIMSELF to me!!!  His love for me was calling unto me and asking me to draw closer into His love!!!  It’s these moments that help me to realize the magnitude of just how much HE LOVES ME…But HE LOVES YOU THIS MUCH ALSO!!!

He really does LOVE us all and His hearts desire is for us all to recognize and realize that what He really wants from us all is for us to passionately pursue after and press into our relationship with Him; where our conversations with Him are exactly like the ones we have with our very best and closest friends. Those friends that we share anything and everything with. More than anything He wants us to truly know, understand and comprehend HIS love for us; and our relationship with HIM is where it all begins!!!

I challenge you to PURSUE JESUS….even if your day is full and hectic and busy beyond reasoning…just start a conversation with HIM..either by speaking out loud or quietly within your heart…ask Him questions…share your thoughts…frustrations…feelings…what ever you want, but just start somewhere. More than anything give HIM a chance to reply and respond…don’t get in a hurry. Just wait, watch and listen and HE will answer!!!  Much Love and Prayers Carol Helmick



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