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Memorial Day

Memorial day is a day to remember those who chose to lay down their lives, so that we can live our lives in freedom. memorial day

We celebrate and remember each and every one on this day. Each and everyone who served, knew that their very life was on the line and they still chose to lay it down for us. Their families remember, cherish and honor their sacrifice. We who are alive because of their sacrifice; show their value and honor their lives today; by taking the time to say thank you.

Today, on Memorial Day

I for one, don’t take lightly what others did for me. Sacrificing their all. Their sacrifice showed their love not just for me but for their country and fellow man. I say thank you to those who fought and died for me and my family.

You were even willing to fight and defend the freedoms for other countries and peoples that you had never met. That is love and what love does. Your Love wasn’t and isn’t cheap; nor was it free.

I say Thank you to all the families who encouraged, supported and stood by your loved ones; while they fought for and defended all my freedoms and the freedoms of this great country.

My dad served and he came home..I thank God that I have him. My love and prayers are with you today as I remember your loved one’s sacrifice for my freedoms. I will never forget. Much love and prayers Carol Helmick


There are those of you who are feeling frustrated, exhausted and beaten down this morning. To you I say, “Don’t give up”.  There is hope and strength, for you today.

Your relationship with Jesus and Your Heavenly Father are the only One’s Who can satisfied and completely filled the longings in your heart, and the thoughts of wanting and needing more; because He is your Creator. This longing…no matter how hard you try and what steps you take and the physical force you exert; will ever go away; until you put your hope in Jesus and draw your strength from Him.Phillipians 4 6 7

Beginning the conversation

This hope and strength comes from having a personal relationship with Jesus; Himself. Nothing else matters. The time that we spend talking to Him and just fellow-shipping  and communing with Him; is a relationship that allows our minds to settle down and our thoughts to reflect on His goodness.  As we quiet our minds and settle our hearts, that peace that flows; allows directions and answers to be made known and revealed unto us.

If you have never made Jesus; Lord; Just start talking to Him; like you would your friends. He already knows what has been going on; He has been watching you from above and He is just waiting for you to begin this conversation with Him today. Admitting that you need Him and recognizing that He is the Answer and He has your answers; is the very first step. Put your hope and strength in Him and ask Him to show you what you need to change and how to make those changes. Expect an answer, and don’t be surprised; when He answers you.

As you find yourself talking to Him… putting your hope in Him and drawing your strength from Him; you will begin to see that those things that you thought were going to keep you down and cause you to feel like you have failed, will begin to subside.  Strength will rise up on the inside of you and you will begin to see the sky rather that the trees.

Much Love and Prayers  Carol Helmick

Mother’s Day 1

Mother’s Day is a day that we set aside and honor all the great qualities that make up a Mom. Therefore, We all think that our moms are the Best and that is true. Each Mom is the BEST for US. What they have…we need and what they give…we want.

Moms are the Best

A Mother may have one title; but many roles, because she is able to wear many hats. If you can think it or name it, she has probably worn it and worn it well.

Moms sacrifice daily for their families and to those whom God would have cross their path. Moms allow the love of Our Heavenly Father to direct each of their steps, cultivating their speech and expressing His love for all to see. Spending time with Him so that each has the ability to push through circumstances; when feeling like giving up. Putting others first above their own needs; even when having immediate needs themselves. Moms are willing to love on anyone and everyone; because this is the heart of a mother. Mothers balance, juggle, nurture and support. You are a gift to be cherished and valued.

Thank you MOM. Happy Mother’s Day to all moms today.

Love Carol Helmick


When we take the time to praise and acknowledge Our Heavenly Father, and what He has already done in our lives; It sets us up for increase and promotion.


Sing out loud those scriptures concerning His promises and His great plans for you (Jer 29:11) today. Allowing His power, anointing, grace, favor and mercy to work for you and on your behalf. He has mighty things He wants to show you today and He needs your heart and mind ready to receive these things from Him. He is your Heavenly Father and He loves you very much. No matter what you have fallen short on, or haven’t done right. He sent Jesus to pay the price to cover all that. So when your feeling incompetent or not of great value; know that Jesus bought you with a precious price. Take the steps today to acknowledge and give credit and praise tmusic 278795 1280o The One who is cheering for you.

Picture this

Angels surrounding you for protection and are also at attention; ready to go forth to work for you on your behalf.  Knowing that by reading His Word for answers and direction and working with The Holy Spirit; He will show you what you need to do next. Our Heavenly Father and Jesus sitting there smiling at each other; discussing their plans for you and how excited they are to give you of Their great pleasure; the things that your heart desires. They want to bless you beyond measure and have many people that need you and the gifts, talents and abilities that They gave to you; being used by you and a blessing and help to those He has sent your way. You have a special plan, place and path that They have given for you to fulfill.

All of heaven…those who have gone on before you…they watch and are cheering you on as you’re running your race. (Heb 12:1)  Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, This is why we should sing and shout and PRAISE His name and give Him glory for what He has done….is doing… and is going to do. Giving Glory, Blessings and Honor to Our Heavenly Father and Jesus our KING.

Much Love and Prayers…Carol Helmick