I was going through a really challenging situation and The Lord spoke this Word to me. He said: 

Rise Up

He was referring not just to the situation that was in front of me then; but to any and all situations that would come my way.  He had to remind me that I had let His promises slip and was not actively keeping His Word at the forefront of my situation. I had unhooked; which just means that I wasn’t using my armour. (Eph 6:10-18). I had been allowing my emotions and thoughts to override what His Word said. What I was seeing in the natural with my natural eyes, was bigger to me than what His Word said about my situation; so I repented and began to obeyed these verses.

Using my authority

It took me re-hooking my faith to His Word, His power, anointing, and grace. It was a battle, and at first it seemed like I was going under, but the more I put His Word first and spoke His Word over my situation, the less it seemed that the enemy would try to attack me with doubt and unbelief. I had to settled in my heart that Jesus had already won the battle for me and my job was just to trust Him and His Word and then believe what His Word says about me and my situation. This is when I started seeing the results and rest in my soul began to take hold and in the end I overcame and won the victory. God is so FAITHFUL!!!

I challenge you and encourage you today that if this is where you are at right now, to take the time to meditate and speak out His promises concerning you and your situation. Have a scripture that you are holding on to and every time a negative thought comes to you; make a conscious decision to recognize it for what it is and cast it down and refuse to allow it to stay in your thoughts. Then speak that scripture out loud and speak life over your LIFE. Don’t let the enemy in…and he won’t win.

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