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Was strongly impressed this morning to share this ~ “A FAITHFUL MAN” poem / Word with you today.  This poem/ Word came as I was sitting in the 2013 Week of Increase meeting at church. The Lord began stirring these words within me; while the Pastor was teaching.

a faithful man
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I encourage you to stir yourself up and dig deeper into your relationship with The Lord. There is a mighty “move of God” that is taking place and Our Heavenly Father needs everyone in their place. We are each called to fulfill a certain role; each role being important.

Being ready to step out and to step into what He has been preparing us all for and being ready to do whatever it is that He needs for us to do.

He requires us to have faith in Him. Simply put, trusting Him and allowing Him to guide and direct our steps. Listening to His directions and doing them His way and with a good heart attitude. In doing so, He will be fulfilling His plans through us.

Be a faithful man

As you’re walking out your destiny, be encouraged today. Because, He is raising you up and putting you in your place; strategically placing you and putting you in your position. Being ready for use and utilizing your God-given gifts, talents and abilities that He has been molding and shaping within you all these years.

This isn’t a time to hold back or be in fear of the unknown… things that you don’t know about…or don’t understand!!! There are things within you that you don’t even know that you can do. However, your Heavenly Father knows that you can do and be whatever He needs for you to be; because He is the ONE who put all of those things in you; and He has been waiting for the right time for those things to be released.

Endeavor therefore, to be “A FAITHFUL MAN”. Also included in this is, women, teens, young adults and children. Allow Him to use you however, whenever and with whomever He wants to!!!!

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Be blessed encouraged and stirred up today.  With Much love and prayers Carol Helmick.

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