Word Explosion

word explosionThis word that The Lord gave me called, “WORD EXPLOSION”, explains why His WORD is so important to us and in our daily lives. It isn’t just a good idea to read and meditate on His Word. There is power, authority and the ability to be supernaturally sustained and protected in each of our lives. God values His Word and so should we.

We as believers are to hold fast and firm to what His word says, no matter what the outside world is saying…our circumstances or even our situation…etc.

We all have to decide whether we are either, going to let God’s Word and His promises be our final authority and hold first place in our lives, or are we influenced by our circumstances and our situations surrounding us.

When applying this principle and submitting my life to His Word, I can testify that; I have experienced many heartaches and trials and have gone through many troublesome times.  BUT The WORD OF GOD….THE LORD has delivered me out of them ALL!!!

There is power in His Word

His Word has an answer for EVER situation and EVERY problem.

Instead of speaking the problem…speak HIS ANSWER…Tell your problem what HIS WORD says about it!!!


Don’t keep speaking and confessing the opposite of what HIS Word says about your situation or circumstance or problem.

Every time you speak the problem you are canceling out what HIS Word says, is your outcome concerning the problem, circumstances and / or situation etc.

Which do you believe and have faith in…His Word or the situation, problem, or circumstances.

When His Word becomes BIGGER in you and rises up STRONGER within you…you will see that what you have been facing is not anything that can not be OVERCOME.

Let HIS WORD work for you and stop working against it, by speaking the opposite of what it says.

Much Love and Prayers. Carol Helmick

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