Drawing Close

1 John 4:18
drawing close
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This is a prophetic Word that The Lord gave me; while teaching a bible study meeting in my home in 2005.

Drawing Close

The only way to believe the love that God has for us; is if we are drawing close, pressing into and meditating on what He has to say about us.

A person can read and say anything about a matter; but to understand, fully comprehend and personally relate to a subject takes time and it involves a “knowing” of the subject intimately. The only way to come to this “knowing” is from time spent: “drawing close to  and getting to know.

I have sought after more of this revelation. As I’ve meditated on and pressing into the scripture verses that have to do with God’s love for me; I have been seeing, sensing and a deeper knowing has risen up within me. Those issues that I had dealt with and working on to overcoming, have been replaced with God’s word being sown into my heart. With these scriptures, comes my answers to problems and questions I’ve had; and things that have seemed hard or impossible are now becoming easier to deal with and most of them, have actually been removed from my life…This only happened because God and His word became FIRST priority in my life and His answers; I accepted as my solutions.


It wasn’t necessarily that I got rid of my problems…but that God’s Word took care of my problems. Because I pressed in, relied on, and sought God’s answers…His Love. The Love that He has for me was allowed to operate and manifest in my life and into my situations. By submitting myself to His Love and His way of doing things…His Love entered in.

By believing in Him and believing in His Word…I was also….BELIEVING THE LOVE.

As you go about your day, I challenge you and encourage you to study out and meditate on His Love….A good place to start is found in 1 John…There are 5 chapters, but each chapter speaks volumes about His Love…

Much Love and Prayers…Carol Helmick 

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