Good Morning Brothers and Sisters in the Lord. Today’s Momentum…I declare and decree: grace, peace, wisdom, strength, blessings, increase, and provision, over you today.


Many changes are happening and the Holy Spirit is moving things around for us in the spirit; because God is putting us in our place and setting us up for the supernatural; to be seen in full manifestation in our lives. There are things that we need to learn and grow in; to prepare us, change us and grow us up into His son’s and daughters; to be a lighthouse and a beacon for His Glory and to fulfill His will for us on this earth….I encourage you to let this process happen and push into Him as He is taking you through these changes…

The ride may “Feel” bumpy, but, “No ride is ever fun unless there are some unexpected turns and twists of excitement along the way”. You will have a lot more fun and enjoy this process to its fully intended purpose, when you surrender your will and then place complete trust and confidence in Him and allow Him to take you where He needs for you to go. SO…..sit down, strap in and EXPECT GREAT THINGS from Him.

Much Love and Prayers Carol Helmick

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