Our  Heavenly Father gives us each gifts, abilities and talents that are to be used for His glory. Everyone has something that God has entrusted them with and there will always be someone who has what another one needs. .

Being Encouraged

It starts by sharing a testimony, giving a word of encouragement, or listening to someone who needs it today. Sometimes, it’s for us to be there physically for them; when they need it; that helps them be encouraged. And sometimes, all they need is them knowing that we are close and are available emotionally and spiritually. Our actions influencing and changing their day from bad to good, to having a glimmer of hope; to holding on for one more day. These actions that we do and words that we speak; blesses Our Heavenly Father.


Jude 1:21-22)…vs 22 And of some have compassion, making a difference:

You see, when we reflect outwards to what others are going through and take our eyes off of ourselves; the picture gets bigger and we can see that we are not the only ones going through some tough stuff. Our perspective broadens and our compassion for others enlarges. Compassion causes us to do or say things for others to encourage them and compels us to fulfill a need whether it be emotional or physical. We may not see or hear the report right away about the impact we had at that very moment; but know that what you or I did for them made a difference; and may have actually saved their lives.

I encourage you to begin sharing with others what The Lord has done for you and listening to the Lord for ways to meet their needs; letting your light so shine before all men and your love for Jesus reflecting, for all to see.

Much love and prayers Carol Helmick

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