Stepping Out of The Boat

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I have heard this cry and challenge in my heart and resonating within my spirit for a few years now, but this year it has only become louder and more in my face. What does “Stepping Out of the Boat and Being out on the Waters” mean?

This year is a BIG year for the whole Body of Christ. From here on out this cry in everyone’s heart is only going to get stronger and much, much louder. Those who obey and step out will do things they have never done before and become much greater than they have ever been before.  It doesn’t matter what you know or know how to do or even what your good at. I see people being asked of the Lord to learn things they have never thought that they would ever need to know. Maybe its a computer skill or program or starting a business or moving to a completely different state or taking college courses, or going to bible school or starting a church or bible study group or learning a completely different trade from what you have been working at all your life. I want to encourage you to think and know that; you can do IT.

When I was in high school English was not my favorite subject. I liked math and science and these were fun to me; I figured that because I liked math and science; these were what I would mostly use in life. Also, anything having to do with computers intimidated me.

Stepping Out of The Boat

So here I am….I have had to learn how to: use a computer…work with Photoshop… and In Design…learn about a website; which includes learning about what a pboat indexage, post and menu are…widgets…plug-ins…blogging…which means I have to type and DO English stuff…AAAHHH!!!… OK, I’m still learning and my website is still a work in progress, but The Lord has asked me to do these things; so I’m Stepping Out of The Boat and going out on the Waters. This means that I’m not coming back on to shore. This is a new direction for me, but Not for My Heavenly Father. He knew all along what He has been wanting me to do for Him and what direction and path that He has me on.

So, what my heart is trying to say to you, is to… STEP OUT… Do and be the impossible. Just because your put into an uncharted territory and don’t know what it may look like right away or can’t see the picture, from the puzzle pieces right now. That’s OK. Your Heavenly Father does… and He needs you to do these things for Him. You will find that when you do you will have ALL the help and support that you will need to get the job done. Your flesh will fight you and your mind will try and tell you that you cant do it; But you can!!!

 So be Encouraged today. “Stepping Out of the Boat and Being out on the Waters”; is for those who are willing to obey His call.  Much Love and Prayers. Carol Helmick

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