Honoring Our FATHER with our obedience pt 7


This is a huge responsibility; which is why many Men / Fathers struggle with the responsibilities of and run AWAY from their leadership role and accountability of being in charge. However, God still holds them accountable to Him and we are still expected to respect and honor them; even when they miss it or are not walking in their headship.

This is why we need to lift them up in prayer and let our faith and love for them, to be a covering for them. Without our prayers they would be out from underneath their Father’s covering.

If a Husband / Father / Man chooses to not walk in this Headship anointing then this attitude and mindset is in direct disobedience to the mandate on them as the Husband / Father / Man of their household. When there is disobedience; there is a walking away from and out from under the protection and covering that was provided to them by God. Therefore disobedience puts them in the enemies territory.

1Co_7:14  For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband: else were your children unclean; but now are they holy.

The reason for this mindset is because they don’t believe. Every Father / Man must believe that everything they need to fulfill this role has already been given to them. Yes there is learning and growing, but God has already anointed them to fulfill this role; and if they would just believe… actively seeking and searching for all that they need from their Father; they would recognize that God has already given them “All Things”.

The Heavenly Father made Fathers / Men to be natural born leaders. He creatively build this disposition into them; however just like when they become born again; they have to learn how to walk in their newness of life and allow this leadership anointing to manifest. God doesn’t hold things from them but they are the ones who have to learn “how to walk their salvation out”. Therefore this holds true for all Father’s / Men, concerning their families and those who are under their leadership. 

I feel comfort and security, knowing that My husband is the one who is in charge of our house. He is My head, My covering and My Man. I answer to him and he answers to Our Heavenly Father. My children look to him to take charge; to lead, guide, direct and counsel them. To help them to see their Heavenly Father through the eyes of their father. They watch and pay attention to his words and actions; to see what he is going to say and do next. His actions and words affect our household and the direction we go as a family.

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