Gal 5 1

Given July 4, 2016 @ 8 am.

FREEDOM and Our nation we call…America.

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What America stands for originally, was for one nation to come together to worship God; both collectively and individually, but also freely. And while reflecting on what today means for us as a nation; I became excited thinking about this.

When you stop and reflect on the circumstances and situations that caused America to come to be; it caused me to thinking on what it took and how the conviction and determination of anointed men, combined with God’s divine intervention and divine will; manifested and produced this Great country we call America.

It took a group of men who came together. They established and collectively wrote out and laid down the foundation for this nation. There were men who also had to fight and lay down their lives and give up all just to make this happen. Many, many people coming together as one voice. All present and all being in agreement. Agreeing that all men were and are created equal and having certain inalienable rights. There were those who agreed and there were those who disagreed; however, rights were established, documents signed and boundary lines decreed. Proclaiming to keep each man free. Honor and respect explained, not just for God; but for country and for each fellow man.

To me this poem / Word represents itself as if the past, present and future were wrapped up, combined together and then rolled out all as one.

I know that it looks like she is breaking apart at the seams, but I also know that she is going through changes to make her great again. There are things that need to happen before she looks the way she is supposed to and I have the faith and patience to see this happen. I choose to continue to pray for her, our leaders and everyone else.

Happy Independence Day to all and Much Love and Prayers Carol Helmick.

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