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my power
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This Word, “My Power” was received about 3 months after I had gotten the poem / WORD “MOMENTUM”. Felt led to share this with you today and believing that those who will read this; that it will stir you up and encourage you to go after the GREATER.

It was late at night and I sitting in my bed reading a book. I had been going over and chewing on the Words in “Momentum” and just meditating on the impact and implications of those words; and The Holy Spirit spoke these words to me.

These aren’t just for me. Any who will take them and believe them, they belong to you too!!!

Desire for more

This year, there has been much increase and anointing that I’ve become more aware of and also desire more of. The Holy Spirit, His gifts and just soaking in My Father’s Love. My hearts desire is to experience a deeper revelation and intimate knowledge of The Fathers Love and to also extend His Love to others in a greater degree. To impact all who I come into contact with; being a blessing to and bestow encouragement to all whom I come in contact with.

The more I seek, the more I hunger. This is rising up in me to a greater degree.

Our Father in Heaven wants to put all of us to use. When we spend intimate time with Him and letting Him talk to us and giving Him room to share His heart with us. It opens us up to the GREATER. The Holy Spirit will begin showing us, how we can be used and how important we are to His Body. Each person that we come into contact with, we can be used to encourage, stir up, love on and just to be a help and support to.

When we become God inside minded, instead of self minded. We can reach more people with His Gospel and allow His gifts and love to reach all.

I challenge you today to spend some time with Your  Heavenly Father. Allow Him to lead you and guide your thoughts and actions today; and see how many people you can love on and reach for His glory.  Much Love and Prayers. Carol Helmick

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