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I grew up listening to, hearing and reading Bible stories. They fascinated me; and they still do. Didn’t know it at the time, but they were teaching me about God’s character and nature, the importance of His Word, hearing what His Voice sounds like and being Spirit led.

Because of what all the Bible characters went through; I found myself pondering at all the things that happened to them and what God did for them and how He took care of them. They were fascinating to me and always full of adventure.

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Hearing His Voice

We all need to learn how to hear His voice and allow Him to lead us by HIS Spirit. Therefore every believer must learn how to distinguish between all the different voices in the world and the voice of THE HOLY SPIRIT; which is the VOICE OF GOD; if we are to overcome, be victorious and for Him to keep us safe in these last days.

Take for instance Samuel. Samuel was just a boy; when he began hearing the Voice of God.

1 Sa 3:7 KJV Now Samuel did not yet know the LORD, neither was the word of the LORD yet revealed unto him.

We all start out learning to hear His voice and many times question; just who it is “talking” to us. Practice “listening” sounds funny and foreign to many people, but we aren’t practicing as in just playing around. We are actually “in training”. The Lord called out to Samuel three times; however, when God was trying to speak to him and get his attention; Samuel though that it was Eli, who was first calling out to him.

When first endeavoring and “training” yourself to hear His voice and wanting to hear what it is that He has to say; remember that God will repeatedly call out to you. Trust Him and know that He will make every effort to help you in your learning. Because even as Samuel didn’t at first recognize His voice; he did learn. He was a man mightily used of God and spent the remainder of his life hearing from The Lord for Kings, his people and nation.

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