hold on

HOLD ON. I’m telling you this because that’s what you need to hear. I know things have been rough lately; but HOLD ON. You’re trying to stay strong and you are wondering when things are really going to change. They will and they are; so HOLD ON.hold on

God is doing things behind the scenes to fix what has been rent, and repair what is broken; so, don’t give up. It seems like it isn’t changing; but it is. You just aren’t seeing it with your physical eyes; that is OK. We don’t look at things with the physical eyes; we are to see things with our spiritual eyes (2 Co 4:1-18). Rest in Him today. Tell Him things you are thankful for and set your mind on these things and watch what God will do with your grateful heart.

God showed me something one time that really helped me and still does to this day. I was in fear of loosing everything, due to financial stress and family problems.

The lies.

The devil was telling me… (You know those thoughts that sound like they are yours but they are not); like…”That’s it ~ I’m done”. “I’ve missed it”. “I should have done it different, now look at this mess”. “I thought that I was listening to God, maybe I don’t hear Him like I thought that I did”. Well…I was about ready to throw in the towel and run away from it all. You see, I was thinking that the devil was winning over me in my life and that he was doing his best to break my life apart and that he might actually be winning.

God’s Truths

Then this thought came over me…kinda stopped me in my tracks. I heard myself saying, “The devil hasn’t taken me out yet…I’ve made it this far…and I’m still here.” God has always made a way for things to turn out good; so this time its going to work out as well! You see, I thought that this problem I was facing was my end. That everything was over; but The Lord was reminding me that I was still here. He still was providing for my needs and I still had made it this far. I mean ~ thinking that I had actually made it up to this point and was still here…Wow.

The Holy Spirit was showing me that I was going to make it; and even further. Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t all change immediately; but I started to relax and focus on what God had already done for me. It helped me to let go of the fear that I was facing about the day-to-day issues. Putting my mind on His love helped me to rest and relax in it.

You see..If the devil could take you out..WHY has he not done it yet. You and I are still here because; God isn’t done with us yet, we have a job to do and He always makes a way for us to get it done. So Hold on, and you will see the changes take place. Everything will be ALRIGHT. Be blessed and encouraged. Love Carol Helmick.

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