Poems and Copyrights

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On (Friday) November 14, 2014; 20 new poems and were sent off to the U.S. Copyright’s Office. This is a New thing for me and watching it unfold and lay out before me has me stirred up and humbled at the same time.

The Lord is teaching and training me to recognize the difference between: what is from Him and what is of me. Never wanting to miss ANYTHING that He has to say; it has been fun, challenging and exciting all at the same time. While traveling this path, the journey has been the same but the process has been different. At times He gives me “partial” poems: a title, thepoems and copyrightsme or just some words which I’ll write down, meditate and “chew on” waiting for the right words to come forth. Other times, I’m writing as fast as I can because the words come spilling out almost faster than I can keep up.

He is so full of wisdom, love and grace and such an amazing Father. It’s during these “partial” times that causes me to dig deeper and spend more time seeking Him; meditating in His Word and coming into His presence. This time spent fellow-shipping and communing with Him, pausing to listen and hear His voice and giving Him the opportunity to speak to me; allows Him the freedom and room to give me the rest of the poems, prophecy’s or words of encouragement.

Our time here is short and Our Fathers love is so great. My heart’s desire is for all who read; will see and hear our Fathers love for them, drawing them to Jesus; making Him their Savior, Lord and King; and further developing their own personal relationship with Him.  Be blessed, be encouraged and forever drawn unto Jesus Christ ~ Our Savior, Lord and King. Much Love and Prayers – Carol Helmick

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