Importance of The Word


When we place an importance of the Word of God in our lives and accept its’ authority; we will also begin to realize just how powerful, The Word of God actually is.

Our Heavenly Father handed us an instruction manual for us to use; so when we have a need, questions or are dealing with a situation…all we have to do; is just look inside and your answer is there. God has wisdom and THE answer for each and everything that we will face.

our Heavenly Father loves us and if we will give Him our time…He will show us what we need to know and give us our answers that we are seeking. He has special plans, a purpose and callings for each and everyone of us. There is wisdom and help for all areas of our lives and these are found IN HIS WORD.

He is saying…

Its amazing what we will find, when we take the time to really read, study and meditate on His Word. There are phrases in there like:….“The Word of The Lord came”….”According to Thy Word”…”The Word of God”…”The Word of The Lord”…”Thus saith The Lord”… and “It is written”. These phrases are there to alert us and to highlight to us the value and importance of The Word; because this is God speaking and telling us what God has to say!!!

Psa 119:170 KJV Let my supplication come before thee: deliver me according to thy word.

By trusting in His Word, we are also trusting in The ONE who spoke this WORD. Therefore, when searching for and and seeking the scriptures for your answer, you only need to find the right ONE to stand on and to hook your faith with. That’s just how powerful His Word is! So, when we seek out that ONE and allow HIS WORD to work in our lives and put HIS WORD to work for us; then we can also know, that while we are putting our trust in Him and trust in HIS Word, we can stand in faith and watch what our Daddy will do for us; because we gave the importance of HIS Word honor, value and first place in our lives!!! Therefore, find out what He is saying to you today!!!

Much love and prayers…Carol Helmick.

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