Lost and Found

lost and found
lost and found
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Lost and Found is the very first poem that I received from The Lord. He was dealing with me and my marriage; and He dropped this one into my heart; while waiting for my youngest son to get off the bus. 

When you get busy with life, children, jobs and responsibilities and don’t take the time to keep your relationship sacred; then it can slip from being important and a priority. We allowed situations, emotions, hurts and losses in. At the time, we’d been married 8 years and had 2 young boys.

For us we weren’t living for Jesus. My husband wasn’t saved, and I was a very immature christian. This led to many hurtful words spoken towards each other. When you meditate on hurts and offenses; it could cause you to think that you don’t love the other person. This is where I was at…


I absolutely love my husband and know that He is the one for me, but each person in a marriage is just that… an individual. We married young and when your young you think that it’s all roses and sweetness. While that is true and you have wonderful times of intimacy and romance, there is also having to learn about each others personalities, likes and dislikes. We are both strong-willed, and had not always been considerate of each other.

And, If you’ve been married for any length of time you can testify to the fact that love isn’t just an emotion… It is a CHOICE!!!

You don’t always learn it right away, but you do learn it and remember it, if you are going to choose to stay and fight for your marriage; when things seem tough and your flesh is telling you it wants to run away instead.

I didn’t really know anything about love…that is the GOD kind of love. It is only by The Grace of God that He started showing me what real love is. I prayed and decided that I would CHOOSE to love and from that day forward, my journey began. I am so glad I didn’t run!!!  Much love and prayers. Carol Helmick

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