I was sitting in church Sept 10, 2010; listening to Keith Moore teaching and preaching from the book of Acts. His message is  called, “Miracles Now”. While listening to him, I got stirred up and excited thinking about the power of God and what the New Testament church looked like when it first started; and what it will end up looking like again. I was sitting on the front row and just a few feet from where He was preaching; and these are the Words I began to hear .

However, as I’m Listening to the message while writing out what The Lord was saying; it caused me to let my gaze turn towards the stage; so when I looked up; turning my eyes slightly to the right; what I saw were massive waves.

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Vision that I saw of waves

I see a beach with light brown sand; (it almost seems like I’m standing on the beach), it goes for miles…I see a wave coming towards the beach, the length of it extends down the beach, but it is also tsunami tall, and it is coming in fast… real fast…rolling in… wave… after wave… after wave, but the waves are coming in so fast that it’s like they are overtaking one another, It’s like the waves don’t end; but there was always a peak to it??? … It looked like ONE really big wave, but also many just flowing into the One? I’m trying to find the right words, to explain what I saw.  The word the Lord gave me was billowing; didn’t know this word billowing, nor its’ meaning, so had to look it up.

Our Part

This Word has been a major theme that I have heard repeating itself over and over from many different pastors, preachers and prophets in The Body of Christ. God is releasing more of His glory and anointing with each passing day.  I can see and feel this wave of “Momentum” of His power, anointing and love washing over people and enveloping them in His glory, love and grace. Many people are going to realize just who Jesus is and how much God really does love them. These waves are only getting stronger and more powerful and each of us need to be ready to do our part and be ready for this great harvest of souls that we will be helping to usher in. Being used of Our Heavenly Father to love on and help all who He brings; and loving them the way Jesus loves and doing what ever He needs for us to do. God receives all the Glory and people are being saved, delivered and set free.

It causes me to raise my hands and say “GLORY TO GOD”.  Love Carol Helmick

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