those in authority

When facing difficult situations and physical obstacles; praying for others is a sure-fire way to come out and up. When I have had physical symptoms in my body or emotional trying situations; concentrating on praying for others and their needs redirected my thoughts and emotion outwards and over time; allowed my own healing to happen. This time I spent focusing and directing my thoughts, emotions and prayers for others took my mind off of my own problems.

Listening and Praying

I began listening to The Holy Spirit as He would bring things up for me to pray for concerning them. Allowing my thought to concentrate on their needs and their well-being. Compassion rose up within me and the more I prayed for them the more their needs became important to me. I ended up spending more time praying for them and those needs. He would even give me things to say to encourage them or ideas of how I could help them. It’s amazing how this happens, but this is how Our Heavenly Father and Creator designed us to be and function. So I encourage you today that when life comes at you and you feel attacked; pray and lift someone else up today and soon you will begin to feel peace within yourself and the very things you have prayed for others to have, will happen for you. Be blessed and encouraged today.- Love Carol Helmick

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