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Because Jesus is our example of how our lives are to look…I started to think on this example that Jesus set for me to follow and how I live my life.

This is a simple poem, but the words carry so much meaning.

Act_10:34  Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:

People would flock to Him and multitudes would surround Him. They all gathered around and watched His reactions; to see how He responded and what He would say. No matter who the person asking, the situation or circumstance presented: He was no respecter of persons and He always spoke the truth.

Eyes to see and ears to hear

When Jesus talked to people, He not only saw them through His physical eyes; He looked at them through spiritual eyes as well. By this I mean, He listened to what they had to say and how they were behaving and all the while; was listening to His Heavenly Father for the words to say to them and with what actions He was supposed to take concerning the situation.

He was looking at them on the outside, but His main concern was what was really going on, on the inside of them. They needed an answer and He knew that His Heavenly Father had their answer, but it was to come through Him. He was allowing the gifts of the Spirit to operate through Him.

There were times when He was teaching and preaching to the multitudes. It was at these times He had a message and was on a mission; however, when He was stopped, pressed or confronted in the mist of the multitudes He would respond to the situations and needs in a public setting; knowing that all eyes and ears were on Him.

He would listen to someone talk and tuning in to what they are saying, but all the while, listening and hearing to what The Holy Spirit had to say concerning; wisdom, direction and the “right” answer(s).

He was not afraid to speak the truth and to speak it boldly; nor was He concerned with what others would think of Him. Even their outward appearance, political views nor position in life could manipulate Him. He didn’t behave one way at one time and then another way at another time. He was consistent at all times; with all men.

This is the life I strive to walk. Allowing people to see Jesus in me; by loving all who cross my path and bringing God Glory.  Carol Helmick

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