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 showing fearless love
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Every day is a good day for showing FEARLESS LOVE.

I challenge you to be bold and fearless in your love for people. This is not the time nor the place to allow fear in, nor the fear of failure; to keep you from showing those whom you come into contact with ~ Jesus. Walking in His love towards them means that its going to take courage and being unmoved in what others might think or say about you while doing this. There will always be others around you that will oppose hearing about THE GOSPEL. Every one has been given freewill and the choice is theirs to make. Not everyone responds to nor accepts Him as LORD and Savior immediately. However, continuing to pray for them, walking in love and being patient with everyone; means that you will be unwavering and unmoved by their responses.

Never give up on anyone

As He was speaking to me, there was a boldness and deep love that I heard in His voice; but I also heard a deep urgency and the “cry of His heart” that He needs us to know… Never give up on anyone. He wants ALL to be with Him and when WE…His people…allow fear, feelings of hurt and rejection in it grieves Him deeply. The reason for this is that we forget that HE loves them MORE than we do. He told me and has been telling any who will listen that “He is coming soon”.

You see, what they look like, or act like on the outside, is not what He is after; He is after their heart. Once He has their heart; The Holy Spirit can begin to work on them and then the changes will come.

QUIT looking at people for what they say and do and are on the outside appearances and look at them for what HE did for them and can do for them; so as to change them on the inside.



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