My heart is so full of thankfulness. This day is always a day that people come together as families to eat and fellowship with one another. Being able to spend quality time with the ones you love. This is great and we need to do this more. But for me today, I have been meditating and reflecting on the goodness of God. He has shown Himself strong on my behalf this past year in so many mighty ways that to anyone who observed my life would not be able to deny His existence nor His love.


When I take the time to reflect and pay attention to the little things and acknowledge His presence in my life and my families; I causes me to become more grateful and to acknowledge His presence even more. By giving Him credit and acknowledging Him, in the little things; more things start to highlight themselves and show themselves to me even in a greater way. He shows Himself strong to me, on my behalf; For this I am thankful. I was reading (1 Ch 16:23-36) today and it really spoke to me. When you realize that it is God who made you, and it is God who really is who He says that He is; comfort and security takes hold on the inside of you. Gratefulness emerges and thankfulness is expressed. Words spoken break into song(s), and joyfulness explodes from the inside. It’s not about the material things, nor the money to buy them that matters; although it takes money to have and do these things, It’s about the heart behind it all.

I am thankful for my country and I pray for it/us everyday. I pray for my leaders and I am seeing the fruit of those prayers. My heart is full of gratitude for the divine connections that I have. People that have been strategically place in my life for a greater purpose and a grander design. Recognizing the little things causes the bigger to shine. My list is long; and everyone has their own list. As you go about today, I ask that you look at your list and speak these things to the ones you are with today. The ones we share the most with; are the ones who need to hear these things the most. So, with much love and blessings ~ Happy Thanksgiving to all. ~ Carol Helmick.

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