2016 ~ The Year for More

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The Lord gave me a Word for This New Year and the Word He gave is; 2016 ~ The Year for More.

I have already shared this with my family and friends when I first heard these words and my husband and I have it hanging on our front door. 

2016 ~ Year for more
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The Lord told us to meditate on these words and keep them before us throughout this year. My husband and I are believing for BIG things this year and are looking forward to The Lord using us in some mighty big ways.

Believing for MORE

We hunger for MORE of God and everything that He wants us to have.

More anointing, More revelation, More wisdom; Just MORE. Our Heavenly Father wants to reveal Himself More powerfully to those who will seek Him. Revealing More of His Word and bring revelation and insight; bringing wisdom, knowledge and understanding to a greater degree.

The Lord wants each of us to hunger and press into this relationship and intimacy with Him to a greater degree, because He desires to reveal more to us. Becoming a better listener, so as to be a better follower of Him and His Word.

There is an urgency in our spirits to go deeper in prayer. And through this to be used to a GREATER degree. Allowing more of His gifts to manifest and increase to an even greater degree. Walking in the supernatural with signs, wonders and miracles manifesting in our lives. Seeing people saved, delivered and set free. We expect our light to so shine that when people see us; Who they are really seeing is JESUS in us.

Be blessed and encouraged as this New Year unfolds and God brings in the GREATER and MORE into yours and our lives.

Much love and prayers Carol Helmick.

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