Through LOVES Eyes

through loves eyes
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Have you ever stopped to think, What would I do if Jesus walked up to me?

Everyone has things that they are trying to get done…grocery shopping, running errands, dealing with our children, paying bills, etc. We walk past and interact with people who pass by us each day.

Everyday is a new day of either meeting new people, to interacting with those who we are already familiar with; whether it’s our family, friends or new acquaintances. Some we are very familiar and close to and others we haven’t gotten to know yet.

Our reactions vary from person to person and relationship to relationship. For those to whom we are closest to, our reactions are close and intimate. We tend to talk longer with those we are closest to and know more about; compared to those to whom we have just met or don’t associate with very much.

Think about what you would do if as you were running your errands and dealing with life’s responsibilities…and Jesus was to walk up to you and stopped to talk to you.

Your relationship with Him determines your response!!!

He wants more than anything to have an intimate personal working relationship with you, so that if He decided to physically show Himself to you, (which one day He will). You wouldn’t be taken aback nor surprised; but you would be confident and secure enough in your relationship with Him to stop and talk.

Don’t let any past or present insecurities, fears or failures prevent you from talking with Him today; because He looks at us all through LOVES colored lenses. His love for you and me is far deeper that what we truly have experienced. His love is what helps us to overcome, forgive and endure. When He looks at us he sees what we can be and not what we have done. This is Him looking at us through LOVES eyes.

His love helps us to see ourselves the way He sees us and when we look at others through His eyes; we see them for who they are; which is… LOVED.

LOVE is our answer and LOVE is our response.

Be blessed, encourage and know that you are loved. Carol Helmick

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