A New Thing God is doing!

a new thing

A new thing God is doing! Have you ever been in a place where you were getting ready to step into something new…something that you have never done before…Something uncharted and foreign to what you have ever experienced before? Well this is what I would call – “A NEW THING”.

God is doing this with His people. Jesus is doing this with His body/ the church. We are in the last of THE LAST DAYS. There are things that people are doing or getting ready to step into that they have never done before. Gifts, talents and abilities are surfacing and increasing; with His anointing on our lives. The very reason we were created; He is revealing to us this very year and hour. He needs everyone willing to go somewhere new that they have never gone before. Told something that they have never heard before and shown something that they have never seen before.

So everyone, Get ready; for This NEW THING is happening! We will continue to only get stronger and grow increasingly to where His Glory is going to overtake this earth in a mighty and powerful way; like the world has never seen before. We are to help usher in millions that will be coming into the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. It is important for us to Pray, listen and obey. Therefore, get prepared and stay ready, because we were created for: SUCH A TIME AS THIS!

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