This is a day that has been set aside to shower all fathers with honor; showing you just how valuable and esteemed you are to us and to others around you.


A Faithful Man
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I pray that you are blessed, increased and come up to a higher place of anointing s, gifts, talents and ability’s; as well as in your relationship with your Heavenly Father.

God has placed the ability on you, not just to be a father; but an ANOINTED FATHER; because being a father is a huge responsibility and it takes great courage and THE anointing for you to fulfill this role. Fathers, you play an invaluable and irreplaceable role in the lives of your children as well as any children that are presently involved in your life. Your children look to you for leadership, guidance, direction and as an authority figure in their lives. Children watch what you do and what you say. Gleaning and desiring to learn all they can. Knowing that as their father you have wisdom and understanding that they need to learn from you; to become all that God has for them. You are responsible for leading them in the paths of righteousness, and there is great honor in doing this.

I thank God that my Husband, endeavors to be a faithful man and father; one who loves God and loves me and his children. As the head of our house and as the father of my children; I have seen him make many mistakes and fall down; but its when he has gotten back up, brushed himself off and then gotten on his knees before the Lord that it has made me admire him the most. Any man can make mistakes; but a man / father who can admit when he is wrong and humble himself before the Lord and then commit his ways before the Lord…That is a wonderful, glorious and praiseworthy man!

Fathers, I want to personally challenge you to become all that God has for you to become; because us women need you; but most importantly your children need you. You have been anointed by God Himself, to fill this role and you should revel in your ability to fulfill it. God can and will do amazing things through you and in you if you will let Him. Not only will you be blessed but your children will be blessed because of you.  Happy FATHERS DAY to all the fathers today!!!

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Much love and prayers Carol Helmick

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