To be THE HEAD pt 3

This responsibility is also bestowed upon, given to and expected out of each MAN; to carry out and fulfill. All MEN have someone that they are HEAD over; someone, or several “someones” that has been placed under their leadership and care. To give guidance and directions to. To teach and train. To correct and instruct and when needed; to enforce discipline.

Therefore each MAN needs to have certain personality traits and ability’s to fulfill this role and to carry this role out. All of these traits, are found within The Heavenly Father and given as examples for MEN to walk in and follow. With these is also given the gifts, ability, anointing and empowerment to complete this mission. This empowerment is from knowing that they, THE MAN has been made THE HEAD; by their CREATOR and with this headship comes the anointing, power and ability to go with it.

1Co 11:3  But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.

The more I study this out the more I realize that there is much to be learned, but there is also much that has been forgotten or neglected, or just misunderstood concerning the anointing, grace, ability, glory, headship, authority etc., that is automatically placed on each MAN; for the role that they are to carry out. Therefore, with the position comes the power and enable-ment to carry it out. God has opened my eyes to things I had never thought about before. Each of these (anointing, grace, ability, glory, headship, authority etc.) each man possesses; and with Our Father’s help I will share with you and explain it to you the way that The Lord explained it to me.

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