To be THE HEAD pt 5

This anointing also shows up and is bestowed on him when he chooses to marry.

He starts with the anointing to lead a single / unmarried MAN’S life, and when he makes the decision to start searching for the “right one”; God anoints him in his search…given that he is submitting his will to the leading of the Holy Spirit in this search.

Pro 18:22  Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.

 Once he has “found his wife”, God continues this anointing and then increases the anointing to include the anointing to be The Husband and HEAD!!! His anointing increased from being a single Man, to now a married Man.

For a time, He was in charge of only himself and was Head of his own house. Then he increased, and is now considered the Man / Husband / Head over a wife. Instead of being responsible for one person; he is now responsible for 2 people. Himself and his wife.

This Husband HEADSHIP anointing became his and He was crowned a Husband when he became a husband. This husband Headship anointing now became a responsibility and he became accountable to this anointing. He was the one to choose this responsibility when he decided to marry and he became the husband of a wife. However, he can choose to take the crown off and not wear it, he can toss it aside or throw it away, etc., however what he does with it he will be judged with it; or judged accordingly to what he did with it.

All the things he learned growing up he will now start to incorporate and modify, based on the decisions he makes. He and his wife will communicate and discuss things; even disagree on certain things, but ultimately he is supposed to have the final say and the final decision is supposed to be his to make. This final word lies on the shoulders and responsibility of the Man and the Head of the house.

Just like God has final say in all matters; and His Word is final authority; so too this is the way that it is supposed to be with the Husband. It is he who is crowned and anointed to be the Head.

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